Yard Work – A Good Way Of Keeping Fit

Getting Physical Exercise By Working In Your Garden

fund-archOne of the best things about working in your own garden, is that it does a great job at keeping you physically active for hours at a time. It certainly is not easy work. Don’t think for a moment that it is simple to be bending over and planting stuff hours at a time. The bigger your backyard is, the more effort you will have to do in order to maintain the darn thing. You will place quite a strain on your body by being so incredibly active all throughout the day. The fresh air can work wonders for your health. It can be very demanding to be doing all that digging. It’s physically hard to have to move a lot of dirt, all of which gives you great resistance when you are trying to scoop it over from A to B. And then I have not even begun to mention the constant squatting and bending over you have to do in order to plant stuff and pull out weeds. So when you think about it, gardening is kind of like hitting the gym. The only difference is that gardening is a much more soothing, almost spiritual experience.

flexingI have achieved middle age myself a few years ago. So this is a great time for me to start taking my health very seriously. Working in the backyard requires such a massive effort of muscle power. I have quite a big garden and it does not make it any easier. My joints, my knees especially, are starting to become a tad bit weaker as I age. It takes a lot of strength to have to work over your whole yard using nothing but a hoe. Not only from your muscles, but also from your poor, poor back. Now there is this website that I have been frequenting as of late, called the Bulk Board (http://bulkboard.net). I recently came across it, because I was googling for an answer to my problems. I want to keep my existing muscle so I can keep on gardening. This is what I love most. I may be decades old, but I have many decades worth of life ahead of me and I would love nothing more than to spend those years gardening like I always have.

flat-benchThe Bulk Board has loads of useful tips that you can use in order to keep yourself in tip top form, even well into your middle age and beyond. Some guys my own age use testosterone boosters as a means of keeping up with their former, more youthful selves. These boosters can really help a guy keep up his performance. The Bulk Board is run by a guy named Barry Buchannon. He says that Testofuel works very well and he uses it himself all the time. It has made me a bit curious, I must confess. If a supplement such as that could help me regain some of my lost youth and performance, I would be so happy. I have been gardening for a long time and I want to take up some additional exercise to get some variety in my physical activity. So I am currently considering going to the gym to lift some weights. Yard work is still very fulfilling, so I would never want to give up on this no matter what.

You can get a lot of health advantages from gardening if you know what you are doing. It will feed your sould not only in the long term, but also pretty much right away. Not that I believe in such a vague thing as the human soul, but I think you know what I am talking about here. I feel totally aired out when I am done with my gardening work. I love to do all sorts of stuff, such as pulling out weeds, planting seeds, enjoying the flowers, trimming the hedges and whatnot. I really love the smell of organic herbs in the morning. The yard can truly be generous when it comes to fulfilling human experiences. Walking and jogging can not hold a candle to the sheer enjoyment of backyard work, in my humble opinion.

Physical Exercise In Your Backyard Can Be So Relaxing

fit-vs-fatThe fact of the matter is that, while backyard work can give you quite a work out, it is not nearly as exhausting as lifting heavy weights all day long. Because the latter is going to leave you completely exhausted in the long run. Gardening is much more relaxing, and it doesn’t leave you nearly as tired in the long run as resistance training does. This sort of exercise is more like the kind that will leave you with well oiled joints that move well into old age. Gardening alone can keep you in pretty good shape for as long as you live. I am living proof myself. My parents used to do lots of work in the yard and it made them feel great. They have also aged fairly gracefully, so I am 100% sure that I know what I am talking about.

I feel totally at peace when I am getting my physical exercise in my own backyard, doings the kinds of things that I described earlier. Once you stop gardening, the feeling of it stays with you for a very long time thereafter. When you have been gardening all afternoon, then you can rest assured that you will be feeling great for the rest of the day. But it’s not just merely the type of work all on its own. Don’t forget that you can get great results from gardening. It is a lot of fun to plant seends and then seeing these turn into beautiful flowers or even home grown vegetables that you can incorporate in your healthy diet. Growing organic food is a good way to support your training life at the gym. People who eat fruits and veggies are much more likely to perform well at resistance training. But even when you are not gardening organic food, then you can still purchase healthy veggies at your local super market. In case you are thinking of taking up a weight lifting habit to get your exercise, then you can surely use all those healthy nutrients to support your hard work outs!

Gaining Weight The Good Way… By Packing Muscle

muscle-fitness-191x300Many people have been told by the ads on the television and in the magazines that you can easily achieve a six pack ab stomach by simply buying their stomach exercise machine and then using it every day. So many people throw away hundreds of dollars at this stuff and then never use it. Do they honestly thing that they can ever buy their way to a six pack? Well in that case let me just shatter your dreams here real quick. It’s not going to happen so just forget about your one way ticket to abs ville. It’s not going to happen if you are not willing to work for it.

So how do you pack on a whole load of muscle then?

You Have Got To Do The Right Exercises

If you want to build muscle effectively, then you will have to pay attention to your workout regimen. Too many people go into the gym and start doing exercises randomly without having a plan. And sometimes even without knowing how to properly perform the exercises they are trying to perform.

Look… it’s a waste of time to hit the gym and just do random stuff. You’ve got to have a plan. If you do not have a well thought out, proven to work plan… then you can just kiss your lean gains goodbye. Because they’re never coming. And you’ll be working your butt off until you get sick and tired of never getting anywhere… and then you quit!

Do Not Rely Heavily On Cardio

For a long time, people thought cardio was the way to go when it came to losing weight and getting those six pack abs to show. Well, times have changed. Cardio will actually exhaust you and it will burn muscle along with the fat. You can’t stand to lose muscle if you are ever to get in the shape you want to be in.

That six pack is completely made of muscle, in case you didn’t know this yet. You have to burn the fat but you also need to maintain some muscle tissue in order for your six pack to start showing.  So just stick to weight lifting rather than cardio. You’ll have better results in the long term, I guarantee it.

Crank Up The Intensity To Maximum And Lift Hard

If you truly want to accomplish something in not too much time, then you will have to go hard when you are at the gym. You don’t have to go long, mind you. You just have to go hard. The reason why is because it doesn’t help to be tapping a stick of dynamite with a pencil all day long. It’s better to give it one solid blow with a hammer.

Which one do you think will have more effect?

It’s the same story with weight training. Go hard or go home.

Make Sure To Eat All The Nutrients Your Body Asks

If you are cutting your body short on the nutrients that it so requires, then you will not get any results, no matter how hard you are working out.

When you are taxing your body with heavy weights, then you had better be prepared to crank up the proteins, because you need these in order to build that muscle.

It’s all about proteins when it comes to weight gain. But don’t forget the carbs either. You need some energy to be lifting that iron.

Get Enough Rest So Your Body Can Rebuild

Your body does all of its rebuilding at night when you are sleeping. Rest is essential. Skip on the rest, and all the hard work from lifting weights and eating protein will go to waste. If you put in the time and the nutrients, then you also have to put in the rest.